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Charity Wishlist

At Impact100, we like to do more than just donate money. We like to work with our charities and help out where we can. Not only do the Charities work with us through the assessment process, all the Final Five get to present their important work to more than 100 local women, which is a big opportunity to share what they do. 

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Pivotal Point are our 2021 $100,000 grant winners, and their purpose is to support children and their families who are neurodiverse in the Wakatipu.  

The funds will be used to upskill and educate teachers, provide diagnostics and support the 1 in 5 children who are neurodiverse. Once diagnosed, there is often still a long journey ahead to get the support they need. 

You can make a difference by making a Pivotal Point Pledge to help families overcome the financial barriers to getting critical professional support for their neurodiverse children, at a level that works for you. 100% of your Pivotal Point Pledge donation will go towards a neurodiverse child to assist in specialist assessments, support and therapies

To make a Pivotal Point Pledge, 


Our runner up winners in 2021 with $85,000 were The Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust. The Trust traps introduced predators to stop them from killing native New Zealand birds, and this grant was to enable feral cats to be trapped with the gola of re-introducing the beautiful native Takahe to the Dart and Rees Valleys. 

The Trust run volunteer events throughout the year in the beautiful Routeburn, Dart and Rees Valleys at the head of Lake Wakatipu.  Sign up to their newsletter and facebook pages to know when an event is on and lend a hand! 

Donations are always gratefully received as the work they do is never ending, and all funds received are used to trap and monitor predators that endanger our native birds.   

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In 2020 Living Options won our first $100,000 grant to refit an old Arrowtown crib into a facility for intellectually disabled people in the Wakatipu. 18 months later it is open and supporting 10 local families. Along the way Impact100 members have donated fittings, helped with planning issues, and helped assist with other requests such as help with setting up a flat for a person being supported by Living Options.  

The Arrowtown facility still has some work to do like gardens and fences, so you might be able to help! 


Impact100! As a charity that gives 100% of the $1000 grant to charities, we need some donations ourselves! 

Sponsor a supporter, donate some wine for an event, or even a venue. If you can help in any way, please get in touch. 

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