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Application Process

Impact100 Wakatipu awards grants to nonprofits in our community in the focus areas of Arts & Culture, Education, Family, Health & Wellness, and Environment. Applicants may apply for grant funding of at least $100,000 in a focus area that supports their mission, programs, or services. Applying for a grant starts with an Expression of Interest. We recommend reading our eligibility criteria before proceeding.

The grant amount varies each year depending on the number of supporters. This amount will be announced at The Big Reveal in mid May and Expressions of Interest invited directly after.

2023 Dates 

Our Grant timeline for 2023 is as follows: 


                                 Expressions of Interest                       30 June   5pm 

                                 Full Grant Applications                       18 August   5pm 

                                 Final Five Announced                         19 September 

                                 Grant Awards                                       25 October 2023


2020 Grant Winner - Living Options

The mission of Central Otago Living Options is to provide flexible support for people who have a disability and live in the Central Otago and Wakatipu District.  We enable people to have as much control over their lives as possible, while ensuring their opportunities are maximised and their rights are protected. Living Options works with people from children through to 65 years, different ethnicities, and various types of disabilities - intellectual, physical, and sensory.

"We are setting up a Centre at 14 Nairn Street, Arrowtown, for people in the Wakatipu area who have a disability. The Centre will be accessible, warm, and welcoming. It will be a safe and creative place where people can learn vocational and living skills, form friendships and have fun. The Centre will also provide disability information and support for families. There is nowhere in the Wakatipu offering such a service for this vulnerable group of people. In the past, many people who have a disability have had to move to Alexandra for services or travel there by the day. Having a Centre in Arrowtown will make for an inclusive community with the people attending being close to their family and friends. If we were fortunate to be chosen to receive the Impact 100 grant we intend it to furnish and equip what will be our newly renovated Centre, employ a specialist disability psychologist to assist families and train our staff members and employ an arts teacher, a music teacher and a trained swimming instructor."


2020 Runners Up


All stages of the grant review process are conducted entirely by current members of Impact100 Wakatipu.

Focus Areas

We provide nonprofit organisations with grants across five broad Focus Areas:


Arts & Culture

Cultural programs, participation in the arts, and arts education.



Educational opportunities for children and/or adults, especially those that address lingering educational disparities affecting our community.



Strengthening and enhancing the lives of children and families, including seniors.


Health and Wellness

Improvement of people’s mental and/or physical wellbeing.



Conservation and preservation of natural resources, environmental justice, parks and recreation, agricultural sustainability, and climate action.

Grant Eligibility

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