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"One empowered woman can make an impact. Many empowered women are capable of driving transformational change."

Our Impact

Major $100,000 Grant Recipients

Our Impact 

After four years, Impact100 Wakatipu has donated $698,500 to local organisations in the Whakatipu. 

We are so proud of our achievement, but what we are most proud of is seeing our impact in our community.   

Our major $100,000 grants create transformational

opportunities for these vital organisations. 

in 2023, we granted $210,500 made up of two $100,000 grants

and three $3500 donations to our runner up charities.

Our Annual Donations 

   2020 $120,000

   2021 $200,000

   2022 $168,000

   2023 $210,500

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2023 Grants


In 2023, our $210,500 grant funds went to the following organisations.  

            $100,000  Kiwi Harvest Queenstown

            $100,000  The Lakes District Museum

                $3500   Southern Lakes Sanctuary   

                $3500   Queenstown Trails Trust 

                $3500   Lightfoot Initiative      


Lakes Museum .png
Copy of Untitled Design.png

2022 Grants

      In 2022, our $168,000 grant funds went to the following organisations.  

            $148,000  The Order of St John Wakatipu

                $5000   Te Atamira

                $5000   Youth Search and Rescue

                $5000   Turn Up the Music

                $5000   Life Education Trust Heartland Otago



2021 Grants

In 2021 our $200,000 grant funds went to the following organisations.  

             $100,000    Pivotal Point Charitable Trust

             $85,000      Routeburn- Dart Wildlife Trust

             $5000         Southern Wellbeing Trust

             $5000         Central Lakes Family Services

             $5000         Kiwi Kit Community Trust and Volunteer Central Lakes Partnership 

2020 Grants

Our 2020 Grant Winners were Living Options who received $100,000

towards the development of their Wakatipu Centre to support people

with disabilities and their families.


The 4 runners up also received a donation of $5,000 

Queenstown Lakes Baby Box Charitable Trust 


Turn up the Music 

St John Ambulance 

Southern Lens - Living Options  Crux - Local News - Queenstown Wanaka and Cromwell (003).p

Watch a video about our 2020 $100,000 grant recipients Living Options.  

Founder Alison Wildey called the donation a high point in a 20-year journey fighting the “invisibility” that society can inflict on people with disabilities.

Shot and edited by James Haskard, produced for Crux by Peter

Newport in partnership with Two Bearded Men. Funding from NZ On Air.

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