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Double the Donors, Double the Impact

2 Jul 2023

Double the Impact, Double the Applications for Impact100 Wakatipu

Impact100 Wakatipu has achieved a major milestone by receiving a record number of Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for its 2023 grant round. With 27 received and 23 local charities now invited to submit an application, this is double the number received in previous years.

Grant Committee Chair Joan Kiernan said that “the number of applications highlights the growing impact of Impact100 locally but also the commitment of the local organisations towards making a positive difference in our community.”

“Our cumulative total granted since 2020 is $488,000 in grants and, by the end of 2023, we will have donated $696,000 locally. Having two $100,000 grants available this year will have also encouraged more organisations to apply as they will see they have double the chance of being awarded a major grant. “

“We see the number as an indicator of our appeal, and the way our model works. It demonstrates the trust that local charities and non-profits place in Impact100 Wakatipu and the belief that together we can make positive change.”

“The open invitation for project proposals allows smaller organizations and lesser-known initiatives to receive a fair chance at funding, ensuring that even the most grassroots projects can make a substantial impact. In 2022, our major grant went to an established, very well known organisation, The Order of St John Wakatipu for a new health shuttle. But in the previous year, the major grant of $100,000 went to a little known start up called Pivotal Point to screen local children for neurodiversity. “

About Impact100 Wakatipu

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Impact100 Wakatipu is a community-driven, women-led initiative that harnesses the collective power of its members to create a significant and lasting impact within the Wakatipu region. Each member contributes an annual donation of $1000, and the funds are pooled together to make transformative grants to local charitable organizations and projects. By operating as a giving circle, Impact100 Wakatipu empowers its members to be actively involved in the grant-making process, and fosters a sense of ownership and connection to the community.

The Power of Collective Giving

At the heart of Impact100 Wakatipu's success lies concept of collective giving. The idea that many individuals, can collectively make a substantial impact is both empowering and transformative. This approach to philanthropy not only amplifies the reach of each donor's contribution but also encourages a deeper sense of community engagement and social responsibility.

With the surge in Expressions of Interest, the grants committee now face the challenging task of evaluating each proposal and selecting the most impactful projects to be put before all our donor supporters for them to make the final choice. The transparent and democratic nature of the grant-making process ensures that the final decision is a shared one, with members having an equal say by voting on who should receive the grant.


The Final Five will be announced on 21 September, with the two major grants being awarded after all the members vote at the Impact100 2023 Awards event on 25th October.

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